First stop on any road trip….. MCDONALDS!!

Hahahaha …. So I have not-so very secret cravings for mcdonalds all the time…. I wish I was a student in merit, b.c! 5 bucks a meal or 10percent off? I could work with that!


OMG….. Ceci Magazine I HEART YOU!

How perfect is this behind the scenes?….omg sm needs to film mv’s like this~!!!!!! They had a storyline for TRAX and SM ballad…how bout for the shinee/fx/suju boys?!?!!?!?

i am loving “C’est la V”

So Vanness Wu (吳建豪) came out with a new album…and omg..every song…. there’s the dance track…說愛就愛 which is basically a kpop song .. sung in mandarin tbh…. well he DID go to korea to “find a new look” so i don’t blame him…. then there’s the newest one .. 命定 ..which ends kinda abruptly imo… and also cute 哎呀! with ADY from Autumn’s concerto..

omg they are sooo cute together..and then at the very end u get “Is This All” Ft. Teddy Ryder from One Republic….. just…so intense!

omgoodness that was fast…teaser # 2!!

Wow at this rate i’ll be getting nosebleeds every couple of hours! omg…but the red tipped eyelashes are kinda creepy i gotta say…=) omg…..still oooozing “uber sexuality”!!!!!!!!

The teaser’s out!

Since it says teaser movie ONE…..I can’t wait for the others! omg smexy!!! can’t wait! oh wait I have to use….”uber sexual” now!!!!! who else is excited!?!?!?!?!