Seattle….. v. 2.0 (w/o outlet malls!)

Our day started……by driving straight to Seattle Downtown….*insert random thought* I love friends that like driving….. a.k.a. klamchops snoozes all the way there….so right after we check in…

So first off of course we go to Seattle Space Needle:

ok so this is only one view from the restaurant....

Then walked over to EMP (Experience Music Project)

Doesn't the building look cool from the outside?

Later that day we caught the Mariner’s game!!!..(I didn’t really knw much about baseball except that there are 9 innings…..and….ICHIRO’s on the team?) we were paranoid that the tickets we bought were fake because we bought them from a random person…. *scalper*….*cough*…*maybe*…..BUT we got in and the seats were actually quite good for the $20 we paid for it…

Take me out to the ballll game...take me out to the me some peanuts...ok ok you get the point..

After a full day of exploring we walked back to our hotel …but passed by the needle…since the rail system basically brought us back there every time anyway…

so prettty....... woulda been nice to see the view at night too...

Ok so I made the mistake of reading out the sign that said “20 pc chicken mc nuggets for $4.99….” SO….. before bed we went for a chicken mc nugget run…they’re not all shown here but we had…64 nuggets altogether amongst 5 ppl…. 20 each for 3….and 2 each for 2…hahhaa……yeah…

3 boys x 20 pc chicken mg nuggets + 2 girls x 1/2 chicken nugget kids meal

Next day was: PIKE PLACE (ok so my dears..if you’re going with your significant other…. make sure your significant other also likes random crafts/fresh organic fruit/cool food products etc…..) the boys on our trip were clearly bored outta their minds so we didn’t get to spend as much time there as we wanted..BUT if I got again…I swear I”LL BE BACK….with a vengeance =)…hehehe



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