M&D….a.k.a Heechul + Jungmo + some Chocoball members! =)

Iwas genuinely suprised when I saw Jia in this….I did not know there were any girls in Heechul’s group! but now the twit pic he posted earlier:
The Chocoball Group...part of it?
makes a LOT more sense! I wish there would be more SM artists in his group though! I love how the other entertainment companies let the others be in the cameos!!! =) Junhyung’s dancing is ADORABLE btw…..kinda reminds me of old bae seul gi’s “old” dances…. omgoodness and jonghoon! He’s not featured in enough videos!!! usually it’s just hongki! I love how we actually get a shot of his face which lasts for more than ….one second! =) IT’s funny cuz I was actually AT that everysing before in korea and yet I would never have even thought to take a video like that…..heechul is just so much fun! I hope everyone enjoys it!

For me, I’ll rush out to go get this simply because I love TRAX….. *sigh* Why can’t K-rock come back!?!?!?! the recent Episode of Immortal song 2 where they did remakes of Boohwa’s songs…omg! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! K-ROCK SCENE!! PLEASE COME BACK TO ME!!! I need more of my dear old TRAX boys!!!


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