G.NA in Vancouver

I got so bored while waiting for the show to start (it started at 4:30 or smth…..and we had to go there at 2:30 to pick up our tickets…..) I started taking pictures of random things…including…OUR TICKETS!!!!

Waiting for the show to start!

We got a program earlier on, but then somehow we weren’t spuposed to get it…or only the VIPs got it or smth so they took it away afterwards………Closer to 4:30 we went inside (there were only GNA t-shirts that were white with GNA in pink on them….so we didn’t buy anyting) …..and then waited around in line till 5:30 to get in…


Sat through….i think it was…. 14 auditions!!!!!!……which I have to say were a tad bit underwhelming…..but i LOVED edo’s (from Black Mamba) routine…I went to school with some of the ppl in his crew…so I already knew he was an amazing popper….. BUT!!!! THEN!!! GNA CAME OUT!@)#*!(#*!@)#!*#(!#!)@# and only sang 4 songs….

She did a cover of I think Juu’s song and to be honest it wasn’t that great BUT she had JUST gotten off a flight and it was very obvious she was tired…she seems like such a nice local girl!!! Love that she speaks English!!!!!!!!! ANYWAY I thought we weren’t allowed to bring cameras so…me being the of course “law-abiding” citizen that I am….only managed to take pictures on my crappy phone…so here are some of them!

GNA finally!!!

The remaining four had a “dance off” and a “sing off” and ……haha of COURSE EDO wins!!!! =) CONGRATS Adrian!



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