Supporting TABLO! <3!

K. because I’ve been getting really annoyed lately with all the negative news about tablo….I’m going to do a lil support post…..or basically a lil dedication post to tablo (and the other 2 epik high boys)…The first:

I came across this movie when I lost someone close to me, and I related to tablo’s rap sooooo much….I know the original is by puff daddy, but the way that tablo related it to his own experiences and the amount of raw emotion i felt from this performance…..*tears in my eyes even now..* probably the first time I really started to follow all of their music, and i also tried to learn more Korean so that I’d be able to relate to their music more….

Another cover, but he’s AWESOME!

Because he’s such a creative writer….omg HIGH SKOOL!!!! =)

This made me want to do an underground jam session like this too! (if only i was talented enough at something to do it..)..but I just automaticlaly started moving to this music…almost like yang dong gun’s “run” with jk and mi rae etc… head just started bobbing with the music….so addicting and awesome….I really should sleep but I just wanted to say…

TABLO FIGHTING!!!!! =) I hope him and his family will get over this soon! =) I’m just waiting for the day that epik high comes back again! HIGH SKOOLER FOR LIFE!


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