Shinee’s New “Hello” Teaser

and SM presents….27 seconds of Shinee’s new song for the repackaged album (yes I’m a sucker for these things, I usually actually have the first cd AND the repackaged albums….)….and yet I still wonder why I’m so broke al lthe time…ANYWAY!! Seems like a more light-hearted song….which i like!!! =) getting ready for fall and winter more mellowy….soft music..*melts*…oh and I think they re-used the set from F(X)’s lachata and Super Junior’s “it’s You”…. or at elast props from it….which I like…since at least they’re not wasting stuff! =) I’m not a total fan of key’s FULL red outfit….or taemin’s dalmation pants…but….jonghyun…onew and minho look so cute =)

I have to say I do like everyone’s hair in this……..and favorite parts of the TEASER:
taemin’s expression at 0:01…. OMG CUTE MAKNAE!!!!
JONGHYUN (i am soooo biased ) 0:02-0:03
Key’s pouty expression at 0:09!!!!!!!

I have to say I like onew’s hair when it’s a lil bit wavy….and taemin’s hair when it’s not the bowl-ish one but kinda brushed back…*sigh* CAN”T WAIT!!!!


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