omg...can't wait!

I first saw this on allkpop this morning…OMG I SERIOUSLY hope I get my hands on a copy of their limited CD! THEIR FIRST ENGLISH ALBUM = THE BEGINNING!!!…..read their intro on the website..it’s kinda touching actually……JYJ = my favorite singers (not just in kpop world) of all time! and now they’re singing in my native language! OMG I CAN”T WAIT!!!!!!!!! PLEASE *insert whoever your god is* let there be enough tickets for all the half-crazed fan girls to enjoy their concert! I am just glad that they have something to work on and have changes to perform even after breaking upw ith SM and avex…RAWR going to support them forever…this is going to be like my mom’s crush on the beattles…no matter what happens i’m totally standing by them and supporting their usic! I mean a collab with kanye!…(well i kinda lost my respect for him after the whloe taylo swift thing,,,BUT he does make catchy tunes)! I am almost as excited for this album than for yoon mi rae..and that is TOTALLY saying somethign! omg gomok done spazzing…. THANK YOU kPOP gods for letting JYJ come to america!!!! =)…now if only they’d come to vancouver…

http://www.tinsel-pr.com/JYJ/ for more info click HERE


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  1. JYJ…..singing…..= perfection already…. + ENGLSH is just…there’s no words to describe it…even better than beautiful! I can’t wait either!

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