HOW DID I MANAGE TO MISS THIS!?!?!?! 양동근 – Run feat. Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae 윤미래, Bizzy B !!!!!

OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS !!!!?!?!?!?!?! I’ve been looking forward to YOON MI RAE’s new album (the comeback was rumoured to be in august….but ….hopefully it comes out soon!) can’t wait to see her perform live, but this will appease me for now…I just signed on to my youtube account and OMG! my favorite k-hiphop couple is featured along with Bizzy B in Yang Dong Geun’s new-ish song RUN!!!! LOVE IT! totally just grooving to it right now….like no body jsut started moving to the music……

Come on and ride with us….

*ANYTIME YOU WANT!!!* …..hahaha did you hear???

OMG!)(@#*!(@)#*!)#(!*#!@# YEAH!!!!!!!!!! CAN”T WAIT!!! I’m going to be soooo broke by the time christmas time comes around when I’ll have to spend even more on presents =(! *sigh* maybe I’ll just pretend I’m going on vacation again (hehehe j/k i’m not THAT cheap….)


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