A little late…but CNBLUE in HK CONCERT! =)

So I know i’m INCREDIBLY late…but here are some crappy pictures of the concert I went to in HK….CNBLUE!!! OMG…it was ridiculously stuffy in there…and they only played like 8 songs or something but totally worth the three-hour wait!!! I met some cool ppl while lining up! (of course there were some weirdos as well…) but all in all…quite a nice experience! The boys actually hugged and took pictures with some fans (of course while i’m dying of jealousy in the audience)….They did two versions of love love love….and I’m a loner… and of course the fans knew all the lyrics and had lights that you were supposed to turn on with the music… (the instructions were all in Chinese…..at least I got cool cards and stuff from the HK fan club)!! I got some extra cards tooo…so to some of my dear netizen friends…expect stuff in the mail soon!!! All the best everyone! will spazz more (TRY TO) later on!

Waiting for the boys to come out...sooo packed


omg so close..and yet so far...


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  1. wow you got to go??? I thought u were going to korea? Well looks like you had a wonderful time! Were the fans all hongers?

  2. a;sldkfj jeluz

    you were super close to the stage!! aww it sounded like you had an awesome time though ❤ that's great!

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