Ryeowook <3 Victoria!?

i seee the daughter and the jealous lover...hehehehehe
Ok so you know from Ryeowook’s birthday pic that i have a lil mini girl-crush on victoria (not full-blown one like sunny yet…but it’s getting there)…. She looked soo cute doing the heart with sungmin…but ryeowook just posted a pic of them together and i’m like OMG i didn’t think of this couple but they look really cute too!!! =)

Sulli looks photo-shopped in..but omg…SUNGMIN…he has this like akward smirk/smile in the background…HAHAHAHA i think he’s jealous that ryeowook’s taking a picture with victoria and not him…

Can’t wait till I get to see them in concert in august!!! =) YAY!

credits: allkpop


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