My dear HANCHUL love is BACK!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!Ever since the whole dbsk thing…and the hankyung leaving…and the ki bum disappearing thing i’ve been incredibly sad since they broke up all my favorite couples but GUESSS WHAT?!?!?! HEECHUL mentioned hankyung’s name in his radio broadcast yesterday!!! YES …..AND my heart is slowly being pieced back together!!!!! OMG OMGOMG =) here’s the prooof …HE SAYS “me and hankyung are very close..and he sometimes doesnt’ understand what i’m saying”….OMG OMG OMG kill me now! PLEASE hankyung COME BACK!!!! or do SOME kind of collab…or something! or else my world is truly going to fall apart! can’t tease me like this!


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  1. littlewhitelies

    I relli miss them too!!! It’s great to see that other people also love and miss this couple, have you seen the hanchuladay community on LJ? She posts up pictures everyday!

  2. D:
    This just made me really sad :(. Aww. I miss the two of them together, but at least Chul said that they were still close.

    Also bb I got your postcard!! YOU ARE TOO FREAKING CUTE OMG. Thanks so much! I need to find a nice Hawaiian card to send you now ❤ You are too sweet. Super excited for you and your trip too!!

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