IT’S OUT!!!! MV for Lucifer

I can’t begin to say what is up with this mv….Taemin’s hair for one…..soooo girly but I dno I’m soooo attracted to it (until I remember that he still hasn’t graduated high school yet ==)… and what they are wearing is totally against all fashion that I know..well I like the black –focused outfits…even taemin’s hairband thingie… and of course jonghyun’s backless thing…..but the other outfit where jonghyun is in a gold’s kinda weird…. And their shoes are like…wtf?…silver tall gladiator boots???.. OMG …. The part where they all touch their lips anre are looking all smug (OMG OMG OMG……charisma x 10000000000000000000).


Ok I have to say….key’s hair…is…well different… (I couldnt’ help but notice….is the back of his head kinda red from all the bleach and cutting they had to do to his hair)?…he still looke amazing..but i prefer the left side of his face now compared to his right….
Men driving is <3….and jonghyun driving with a sleeveless shirt….RAWR! yummmmyy (I am NOT this freaky in real life seriously…..)

I don’t’ have enough time to actually look at all the lyrics right now…but I don’t really understand the choreography..not that it doenst’ look incredibly hard to do….. but all their dances usually require quite a lot of practice..hopefully they will win an ward for this…THEY DESERVE it! And now I have to go rush out and buy this album! =)


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