NTSA with 棒棒堂’s “王子” and “小傑”!

THEY WERE IN VANCOUVER!!!!…omg this year has been amazing!!!! Idol groups AND bands…oh the mini fan-girl in klamchops just suddenly doubled in size..

Only 3 pictures for now…..just to say that i’ve seen them…hehehe…i’m sad that they’re all in different companies now…I wanted Owodog(敖犬) to come! but seeing them in person….wow they are hot =)….I’d have to not eat for a month for my legs to be that skinny! *RAWR* 小傑(Lil Jay/Brian) is a really good dancer…and 小傑 is one of those that i can feel legitimitely attracted to and not feel ped!….
王子 on the other hand…looks like a lil kid to me…although i do have to admit..he IS preeeeeeeety darned cute too =) so here are the pics for now!

He makes me want to go on a diet...



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