Donghae looks like Sungmin in High Cut Mag

OMG …..FINALLY donghae is getting more recognition! He needs new things to tell though, I’ve seen him imitate siwon basically on every single show! (not that i don’t still adore him….and suju…but still) Ok so I picked the picture in this shoot that made him look….actually I think he looks kinda like sungmin here (no complaints at all since sungmin is one of my fav’s in suju)….It says in the mag that he wants to be an actor…..CALL TO ALL DIRECTORS: I demand you to give more of the suju boys parts in dramas and movies!! hahaha…omg it’d totally be a dream come true if one of the suju boys gets to be in a hollywood movie…this makes me miss the full house days (i guess they’d have to practice their english a lil more before that would ever happen eh?)

Oh and one of the other pictures….his pose reminds me of ryeowook….and then the one with the hat..TOTAL SIWON POSE! hahaha <3!

See the rest of them here: here!

credit to as tagged + vitaminDH | shared by ☆★
reupload by ohaixena @


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