I LOVE YOON MI RAE!!!… and she’s back in AUGUST!!!

JUST from allkpop!

AMAZING multi-talented yoon mi rae! – thanks to shunyuepop for the pic

YOON MI RAE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s dropping her new album sooon! ….I’ve been waiting for tis since june (she was supposed to have her comeback then)…. Her last single was soo different from her usual rapping or r and b…it was a total ballad and OMG it was love at first hearing……..I was totally amazed with “Please don’t go” and it was my ring tone for a whole 7 months (TOTAL RECORD!!!)…even super junior only lasted….4 months!…..If any of you have seen my comments you shoudl know that I absolutely adore her and tiger jk and have ever since their collab days before their marriage…them being married now and having adorable baby jordan is just an added bonus….Also…Tiger JK will be co-producing her songs…isnt’ that awesome? I was sooo impressed with his song with HAHA and it was stuck in my head for so long! not to mention it was totally out of the ordinary rapping style…SO EXCITED (can you tell?) =)

I’m officially also goign to start watching Superstar K or w/e it’s called now because guess what? Yoon Mi rae and Tiger JK are going to be judges!!!!!! YAY!! can’t wait!!! =) be back later…..it’s soooo freakishly hot in vancouver right now! need to go cool down!


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