JAY CHOU?!!?! in Hollywood?

OMG WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?! I clicked a random video from msn…and then BAM!!! I was like…”oh another seth rogan movie….blah blah blah” and then this “KATO” character pops up and I’m like WOAH….AM I seeing things?…look closer and WTF!??! IT”S JAY CHOU…well ok fine i noticed the fail-ish english first and needed to see who it was….

Seeing him totally reminds me of bruce lee v.2…….. he even has the similar hair…oh can’t wait…the story line is sooo predictable..but frm the trailer it actually looks fairly interesting!.. i don’t usually watch remakes..but this looks like a pretty awesome combo! =)

YAY!!!!! i LOVED him when I was in hs…went to see his concert when he came here (basically used all my money from tutoring for that ticket!)

Hahahha omg this is funny

On set with Diaz!
He’s one lucky man not only does he get to be “brothers” or go out, work…etc… with the hottest Chinese girls in the world….now he gets to work with DIAZ (which is not my totaly favorite in hollywood…but she’s still pretttttty popular)!!!! can’t wait to watch this

JANUARY 2011 people!!!!?! Mark it down!

credits to: slashfilm.com, comicbookmovie.com and hollywoodstreams


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    HE IS WALKING NEXT TO CAMERON DIAZ. OH MY GOD!!! *__* lol that’s amazing thank you for this post! You are so cute when you get so spazzy ❤ ❤

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