Mickey Yoochun is My “Beautiful Love”

Micky yoochun’s jap drama 君がいれば or ‘Kimi ga Ireba’ is ridiculously awesome so far… =) maybe cuz i think micky is one of the best actors of the bunch…and well maybe also cuz the character fits him so well …does ANYONE know where i can download this phone drama? as well as kim joon’s ?!!?! RAWR why can’t i live in JApan!?!?! OMG AND JUNSU’s voice i have this HUGE HUGE HUGE bias towards xiah’s dolphin voice and omg <3!!! LOVE IT! i NEED TO GET HIS SINGLE SOON! why is vancouver so slow =(! *sigh*…

<img src="http://static.mysoju.com/images/upload/______.jpg&quot; alt="Micky Yoochun is back!

I was bawling watching fancams of the yoonjaesu fan concert….i knew i was going to cry so i put it off til today and guess what?…… HALF A BOX OF TISSUES..*sigh* DBSK is what made me fall in love with kpop in the first place! …. well at least it’ll be a nice memory …..and i have quite the collection to tide me over until i start crazy spazzing over another group *cough super junior and ukiss* cough*

looking forward to wonder girls next next week! =) mayeb i’ll do a crazy fan account afterwards =)


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