hhehehee my favorite F4 boy!!…in Japan!

As the title says..yes…. My favorite…well KOREAN favorite F4 boys is none other than KIM JOOON!!!! Yes, I know he didn’t really do much in BOF and of course he has weird acting skills and didn’t have a happily ever after with any girl but <3! love the ones that have the most brotherly love!! and guess what???!! he's apparently really popular …(in a relative sense) in JApan now!!! Check out the link at allkpop about him starring in a korean-japan joint project..omg if only i could get the downloads of those somewhere!! GRRRRRRRRRRR


HE’s apparently also promoting right now with T-MAX…(the only other member I knew left…so now I have more names to learn but….) yes I like the new song…kinda different..weird jacket or concept pictures….hitler wannabes..but then kim joon has dyed blonde hair?..I dno….not a lot of ppl can pull off the asian blonde thing but he comes pretty damned close!!! hehe good luck to him! hope he gets more acting gigs from this! (yes i DID say gig =p!)
If someone knows where I dl the korean-japan joint projects (including heaven’s postman with jj in it from last year PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me!)


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