It had to be you..wonderful you…It Had to be YOU! – YESUNG FINALLY GET A CHANCE TO SING SOLO!

Ok so he’s not my favorite either..but undoubtly one of the better singers in the idol groups =)!… cant wait for KRY’s concert!..although i WISH it was KRY + S!!! = K(yuhun)R(yeowook)Y(esung)S(ungmin) would be an AWESOME quartet! I like how some of the other memebers are standing on the side with a a picture of yesung =)! so cute…. *sigh*…Yesung should also get a complete makeover one of these days…to me it sems like he looks the same EVERY SINGLE album…like …t=shirt..nice pants…nice shoes… and blazer…and his hair is either what it looks like now or a lil messier..or combed a bit more..or a lil curlier ….. like he needs a DRASTIC change or smth cuz EVERYONE knows he can sing!..but we kinda get bored of seeing the same thing over and over…now SUNGMIN and about turning in to men *drools* THEY manage to really pull off lots of different looks…now if only ryeowook get put on a variety show…I just watched come to play with kyuhun’s 1st variety show experience and omg i can’t wait for ryeowook !


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