My 2 faily Korean Favorites – MARRIED!!!!

What happens when you mix 2pm + F(x).....a whole lot of chemistry!! =)...omg yes i know that was not funny

Hahaha so Nickhun is not my absolute favorite in 2pm …BUT i HAVE To say he is really good looking and props to him for working out enough to have such a pretty body….

Guess what was just announced? him and VICTORIA from F(X) are going to be a couple in WE GOT MARRIED! (only my favorite korean half reality show EVER)! I realy really really hope the sweet potatoe couple don’t break up…because they just got started….but in any event I know I will enjoy f(x) + 2pm couple….My DREAM couple would have been heechul + hankyung +victoria……but *sigh* god knows that’s never going to happen =(….I love seeing both of these 2 beause you can tell they’ve gone through a lot and put in a lot of hard work to get to where they are today. It also can’t be easy to be older than all the SNSD girls and yet debut so much later in a group that is soo much younger.. (*cough* victoria*cough*) and for someone like nick to go from america (I’m from canada so i can relate…kinda)…. and get used to living in korea much less being famous all over asia! So i am going to be an avid supporter…screw those netizens that are going to blast victoria or nickhun..hopefully they will be as well received as the seo-baby + yoong couple! =)


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