SQ15 – Meeting Rubberband…

Bassists are AWESOME! =)

Ok so every year Fairchild Radio/Television does a song composition show…and I went to this year’s performance…not really because i especially liked any of the songs..but because a band was coming to play and i have this mini obsession with boys and instruments…..well that and guys with long hair *sigh* yes i know i’m gross…

My post disappeared on me so I guess i’ll ahve to do it again…

So…my thoughts on the group that WON:

OMG WHAT THE HELL WERE THE JUDGES LISTENING TO? THEY SOUNDED LIKE CRAP!!…not to mention they wre off-key AND the song was about “i only want you” and 2 guys were singing it!!!…not that I don’t love gay relationships…i’d have ntohing against them if they could sing in the same key as each other but OGM !@)(#*!@(#! WTH and they won TWO awards!!!!!

My thoughts on the groups that lost

there was one that i actually really appreciated sung by an accountant (GO ACCOUNTANTS!!) from calgary….her lyrics were meaningful at least…reminding us of the people that we tend to overlook, the ones that don’t have the basic necessities of life…

Comments on the Kara’ Mister and Shinee’ Ring ding dong

the girls were good, the boys…omg if i had a fairy wish that night it woulda defnitely for them to stop dancing!!!!

anyway be back later to spazz….didn’t have a very good May so hopefully June will be better!


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  1. Did you block your face out? :((((((((!!!!

    Live bands are awesome, aren’t they? <333

    • heheeh yes….i’m not fond of my up-close face ==! and live bands are <3….well…..it also helps if they actually sound decent..i still can't get over the fact that the group that won was HORRIBLE ==!

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