Oh Yong-Hwa …. Seobaby’s going to give you a hamburger for this!

Hahaha…I don’t know if you guys noticed but in Yesteday’s Music Core Performance …CN Blue’s Yong-Hwa seems to have LOST his couple ring!!!!! I coudln’t make good caps yet cuz I haven’t downloaded the concert but if you watch the following clip:

Starting at 3:50…hahaa do you see him frantically looking around? This band is starting to grow on me (also for the lack of FT Island in my life right now) I have resolved to try and support the REST of the band though so that they get more airtime…Dude I love Jung-shin’s new hair….. If you watched WGM Seohyun asked him “Do you wash your hair?” in a game…HAHAHA this hair is soo much cuter on him! =) Actually they’re all quite amazingly good-looking….such nice eye-candy… If only the ppl I know in bands were that good looking!!!><!!!!

anyway …I also just wached some fan-cams and saw some pictures of Suju's fan-meet……I'm close to tears myself…*sigh* i was never a die-hard ONLY 13 super junior fan but right now I just want to see all 13 + of them stand on the stage at the same time and do the "we ARE SUPER JUNIOR! " *Hand*…….I'm sure you guys all feel the same..*sigh*……….


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