I’m back!

9cm!!!!!! 2.3 more than yuri!!!

I’m FINALLY back from all the exams and work…..yes I’m sorry for leaving so long but it’s not like there were a lot of ppl here to start with..anyway ok so I finally caught up with all my invincible youth episodes….have i ever mentioned how much i ADORE sunny!? =) well guess who won the unofficial popularity vote (replies on the g7 homepage)….. *hint hint* her birthday just passed a couple days ago….

my dear :

hahahha ~!


Oh and I am still trying to wrap my head around ryeowook and sungmin looking damned fine…..not that they didn't before but they weren't NEARLY this manly before…*drools*..*snaps* ok I'm sober again….*sigh*…………still sad that there are only 10 ppl ..but still…..be back again hopefully later on this week..or tomorrow =)


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