Cutie Honey is BACK as ICONIQ!!!!

I’ve missed ayumi quite a lot since xman days….she basically disappeared after she joined SM…I dunno if she’s still part of SM but I know AVEX finally released her album and she’s back hot as ever! not so much the little cutesy image anymroe she’s HOT …even after shaving her head…*sigh* she can really pull off ANYTHING…although I dunno if I’m liking her MV so much she looks BEAUTIFUL with natural to almost NO make-up…. but i’m loving her songs….reminds me of the namie a bit ….so first a teaser

Did she NOT remind u of mika in that one shot??? =) her and mika nakashima should have a duet…they can both adapt to style changes SOO well!! ok and next…coulwn’t really find a picture where they were the same…. but black and white picture?…

and Next MV:..

Haha…she totally channelled the black versino of lady gaga and britney spear’s black crystals thing..although i thnk i recently saw 2Ne1 with them too but I have to say “iconiq” looks FIERCE! =) hope we get to see her more in the future


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