Miss Me?

Omgoodness I have to keep this updated more…… I have all the common excuses at the tip of my tongue….work…school….”life”(or what is left of it)…sorrry for not posting! …not that anyone reads this anyway but STILL!!! i can wish…ONE day…….. hahaha ummm my new favorite obsessions:

1. Brian Joo – In My Head
2. Alexander from U-Kiss – he’s one of the only ones where I can actually not feel THAT ped about liking…it only helps that he’s from the same hometown as me
3. Sunny – from SNSD (If any of you know me, you should know i LOVE her..have the hugest girl crush on her… love her personality..love the cute-ness overload and her voice that sounds soo distinct from everyone else….*sighs*
4. All the We Got Married couples – I just LOVE the pairings…I wish more idols would actually start dating….netizens, fans and anti-fans need to realize that they are PEOPLE..they deserve love just as much if not more than us crazy fans =)…
5. Shinee’s Hello baby – Jonghyun is seriously like a lil kid…sooo cute!

People keep on saying i like feminine looking guys…*sigh* i guess i have to agree…did you guys see how good KEVIN looked in Star King??? *insert JEALOUS face*


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