Witnessed a Gold Medal Moment =)

So I ended up obtaining tickets to ice dance – free dance….. (obstructed view) but still…20 years from now I can say I WAS THERE WHEN TESS VIRTUE AND SCOTT MOIR WON GOLD!!!!

hahaha...deep down i am still a kid ...the lady with the mascots even gave me a sticker =)

The view from my "obstructed view seats"

ok so I'm a LITTLE biased ok?....

Hehehee......yes we are dorks =) but she's a beautiful canada goose!

I seriously jumped up at this point..

if only they were going out...love the hand-holding

Weird angle...

need i really say more?

I hope they have the next world championships in Vancouver =)


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  1. OMG NO WAY. YOU WERE AT THE ICE SKATING FINAL!?!?!?!?!?!?! a;sdlkfjalkj jealous, Virtue/Moir were my favorite (lol I’m such a terrible American) — and they easily deserved the gold medal! I can’t believe they aren’t dating, like the way he look at her throughout most of the performance ;alskdj. THEY HAVE TO GET TOGETHER AND HAVE ADORABLE SKATING BABIES.

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